The Hurt Locker

I finally had the chance to see this movie and it was by far the worse piece of cinema I have ever had to endure. How embarrassing that the first female director to win has this piece of garbage to show for it. It was so unbelievably badly done that I really don’t understand just who, exactly, thought it was even remotely close to good story telling. From costumes (green camo in a desert? come on, really? you’re kidding me, right?) to props I can’t help but believe they took what was probably a perfectly good story and ruined it. Acting was mediocre at best, but I’m sure the actors did the best they could given what they had to work with. Oh Academy, you have finally and forever made yourself a joke. There was absolutely nothing in the making of this film that was done well…NOTHING! How embarrassing for all of those that actually swallowed this hogwash.

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Hello world!

So this year, I will do my very best to keep up with this blog. Why? It’s important that you all know exactly why education in America is in the despicable state it is in. I have been in the “business” for 11 years now and have seen far too much.  So, I’m blowing the whistle on this entire operation.  I’ll call this blog “I’ll Tell You What’s wrong”.  Hopefully along the way I’ll also be able to ‘tell you what’s right’ since there are many things that are right….they’re just overwhelmed by the ridiculous amount of incompetence that permeates education at all levels. I am hoping to somehow affect change for the better. I’ve tried pushing change from the inside but education is big business and there are very few businesses where incompetence makes for a great career. Needless to say, resistance abounds as far too many incompetent people that have found their niche are threatened by change that may come with an expectation of accountability. 

The names of people and places will remain anonymous for obvious reasons. But rest assured, everyting will be true. Whistle blowing is risky business. I stay in education because students need me. There are few of me in education as we often bail out because we just can’t tolerate the incompetence and generally the only way to survive is to give in.  In my 12th year, I’ll use this blog to keep me going….because the students that will end up in my classes need me. Would they survive without me? Sure.  It would be just another year with another opportunity to be educated lost.  After all, in 13 years of public education they’re sure to get a good education somewwhere along the way, right?  Folks, don’t count on it.

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